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Looking for a Voice Actor for your Flash, Dub, Radioplay, or other project? I'm your man! With over 100 submitted flashes of experience & far more than 1,500 recorded lines, I have the experience you need, and the voice you want!

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Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself, even if I personally know some of it already!

I honestly think you're a nice guy, even if you've had your share of problems and mistakes, so I hope others are willing to take a chance to get to know you better like I have!

Happy holidays and happy new year~<3

Thanks, happy holidays to you as well. And may ze new year be happy as well.

Hey, no complaints form me, you are very talented and easy to work with, keep it up!

WHAT THE FUCK "Dreux" is pronounced "Drew"??

and yea the only picture of me on the internet for a while was this one:
<a href="http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2717/62/77/633426460/n633426460_2122803_5400435.jpg">http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos -ak-snc1/v2717/62/77/633426460/n63342 6460_2122803_5400435.jpg</a> uuuuhhhhhhhhh
I just recently changed all my avatars and profile pics to be a photo of me cos I just recently started looking like a regular fucking human being.
And anyone who's give me shit about it has had a naruto avatar, so I feel pretty good about that.

Also don't argue with people on the internet- ever. Ever. Ever.
Don't call people out, don't &quot;those guys, these guys, this guy&quot; anyone, just remove words like &quot;beef&quot; and &quot;trolling&quot; from your lexicon. Cos none of it's real, and everyone on the internet is just some random dude like you n me. Let's not be gossiping schoolgirls here.

+I never mentioned, but when I went to Minecon I met Tomamato for like 10 seconds and he spent it sayin that that Druox guy is the REAL EFFIN DEAL, then he left.

haha, I will admit that Tomamoto liking my work has always given me a huge boner. lol, I always looked up to him. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and Alex on that awesome game. I hope I will get more opportunities in the future!

Also, I don't feel that I'm arguing with them, it's just that he, specifically, feels obligated to comment something taking the piss on EVERYTHING that has me in it that makes it to the front page. It gets to the point that everyone I work with has to chat it over with me because they don't understand why he's so angry at me. It's just annoying to restate the same things over and over again.

Obviously not enough to make me even think about stopping, but enough to want to get the "real story" out there from my point of view since I never did before =/

Heh, i've had my fair share of Red bombarding me with so many faggot insults, there's literally a chalk board dedicated to me on the right side of his magnet covered fridge with about over 200 marks scratch inward.

but aside from those fun guys, i always thought you to be a damn good passionate vocalist especially with metal covers. i mean fuck, when i first heard the chris chan theme, i was blown away, i laughed pretty damn well throughout the show but what got and kept me watching was always hearing that catchy jingle of yours
also those prank calls you use to do were pretty hilarious as well.

you make great as a hardcore voice actor and being a rad addition to the newgrounds community. What with everything by everyone be without one of us in picture?

thanks for sharing with us, keep rockin on dreux.

oh and another thing, you ain't bad lookin bro; hell you pretty much topple over most of our mugs &gt;:)


it's only a story in your head, there is no real story besides that some dude I've never heard of (out of a hundred thousand other dudes) is being unfunny and weird.

Maybe this is just me who thinks like this, cos I've bin here since like 2004 and I'm not a part of the community at all. So maybe I don't notice that this random guy is like the president or something.

maybe I want the attention from him and his group because it's working in my favor? For I am an evil genius and what-not. Besides, can't a guy have a little fun with strangers on the internet? :(

I mostly just wanted to get my final say and stuff so I don't have to repeat myself. Mostly to save time, it's over in my head at this point. I just feel that I'd like something to show I'm interested in what everyone says and does because I'm such an active member of the..community and stuff. Regardless of who he is or what is happening, I still want a sandwich, and am going to make one.

Because skinny girls are boring.

they all look the same, and only want my money :(

You're fine! Sure, you swear a lot, but hey, big deal! You're great at your work!