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See, now THAT is a more common occurrence. Thank you for not doing the "impostor killed guy, then said I did it and everyone believed the impostor instead of me" joke I've seen 400 times today. =D

Oo I wont even watch it, but I know the joke! They saw the imposter, but the imposter said it's them, and THE GUY WHO WASN'T THE IMPOSTER GOES INTO SPACE! *rimshot* Right? Was I right?

How many times is the *Color*: "I saw the imposter" *Imposter*: "It was that guy who saw me" *everyone votes the first guy* joke going to be used? It's the only joke these animations have. Holy moly.

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Oh man this turned out awesome! everyone did amazing on the voice acting, and the game plays great!

Everything is very responsive, and the game is easy to play, but provides unique challenges. It's so different from the first, it's really refreshing for a sequel to actually feel different from the original instead of it just adding some upgrades, or something else that doesn't make it feel like a new experience. Huge kudos to the programmers, artists, and writers. You all did a great job.

The campaign editor was a great addition, I can't wait to see what people do with it!

It's amazing how much content you could fit in this game and keep it so small. Awesome job on that, can't wait for the next game!

Haha, I love how this turned out. Happy April Fools Day, NewGrounds!

You can't beat level 5 because you need 3 cuts, but only get 2 :(

josh-tamugaia responds:

Y U No Think harder?

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How could this work as boss music? it doesn't loop.

HenriDeadMort responds:

it can loop

This just sounds like the bgm from every pseudo-intellectual "inspirational" video on YT from the early 2010's.

With less production/elements.

In fact, the arpeggio part reminds me of this track I've heard 1,000 times: https://youtu.be/KaNt9izWiQQ?t=1045

Iunno man, it just didn't hit me. Which I don't think reflects your ability as a player/writer, just this feels too familiar, and has a sour taste for me because of what I associate it with.


And all 3.5 of that is my respect for your ability to compose and play this with solid fundamentals. You definitely know how to use the instruments you're using. The song itself is just so "royalty free inspirational piano music" to me, I would prefer something that has more personal character or flair to it. Something I may find elsewhere, but is still undeniably you as an artist. This is not that.

Phonometrologist responds:

Ha Yes! I appreciate you actually spending the time to say so, because it appears that the last time you did an audio review was back in 2011.

I actually just mentioned to another person that this music was intended to be written in a 2000's musical zeitgeist. It seems I was able to achieve just that based on yours and the other person's response. The only discouraging thing about your review is that the musical reference you shared sounds so cheesy to me that it's cringeworthy. Makes me wonder if that's what this sounds like to others. I can actually share with you better examples that have more similarities to what I wrote if interested, because the only thing that the reference you shared and my track has in common is that they are both notes on a piano with broken chords played in a repetitive motion, and maybe tone at some moments. I don't think you're wrong though with the feeling. It's stemmed from a similar mindset.

The lack of "production/elements" as you say is because this is intended to be performed live. Therefore, I just wanted to keep the score true to what is on paper. Personally, it sounds better as a live performance than using midi. This timbre could also contribute to the lack of emotion you feel.
Thank you

Like the idea

but come on man, this is not really considered a song. more in the loop category.
it was kinda painful on the ears. and dont say thats what techno sounds like, cuz its not.

inhstudios responds:

then what category would you put it in?

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