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Like the idea

but come on man, this is not really considered a song. more in the loop category.
it was kinda painful on the ears. and dont say thats what techno sounds like, cuz its not.

inhstudios responds:

then what category would you put it in?

Ehhh. I liked it.

It's well-written, and you did a great job performing it. It's just the flow of it that makes me go eehh. It feels slow...a little too slow, like, just barely slow enough to feel off. I think if it was delivered a little faster...or if the parts were a little closer together, the timing would make it a lot better.

Regardless, it's still a great entry, and I think it's definitely gonna be in the top ranked submissions! 5/5! Good Luck!

Sapphire responds:

Yeah I agree with the timing thing. I think I'm going to re-edit this to make it go a little faster. Thanks. :)


So he's got like a split personality kinda deal with the pirating?

A great voice acting job, definately. But the writing is a little confusing (since it isn't animated, I'm sure if it was animated it'd be easier to understand what's going on. Maybe it's because the pirate voice isn't a HUGELY dramatic change...maybe if it had music playing that changed when the pirate voice talked it'd be a lot better. So 9/10 just because I really think some kind of indicator that he switched personalities would REALLY assist this, it almost feels like he's jus sitting next to a pirate, not that he is switching personalities.

Regardless, definitely a great submission! 5/5! Good luck in the contest!

Shock-Dingo responds:

Hey there dude,
Thanks for the great review. Hehe yea I should have made the writing a bit clearer on the whole split personality contradictions. I wrote this and then read that it had to be only 60 seconds, so the trimming didn't really help hehe. Glad you enjoyed this man. :)
Best of luck to you in the contest man!


Waow, I hope it'll be accepted, it would suck for something this well-written and performed to not count because it's a couple minutes late :(

Though I merely have one thing, the granny voice peaked a lot, not that ir really matters, as you can see, I gave it a 10/10. Awesome job! I imagine the granny with an eye patch and a kilt with her Scottish "pirate" accent. This is a great submission and I hope it'll get included in the contest!

Good Luck!

That was a pirate voice?

The voice acting was good. Don't get me wrong, but the "pirate" voice you used sounded more like a regular guy from the Victorian Era. The joke was meeh. But it's a solid submission! Good luck in the contest! And maybe do another one where a pirate offers to tell them a joke and fires the kids out of a cannon or something XD

Davyinatoga responds:

Yeah, the pirate voice is definitely something I pulled out of my ass halfway through recording. Low and/or gruff voices are definitely not my forte, and I'll keep working on 'em. Of course, remembering to equalize some the audio might have helped (I'm pretty sure equalizing was kosher, though most other effects weren't); I'm not experienced much in mixing, so *shrug*.

And good luck with yours, too!

Great Job!

The voice acting isn't really convincing for the scene, but that could prolly be worked out in the animation. Maybe a re-take to add the proper emotions for the actions that would effect the speech (who be that isn't really said like you're being interrupted, sounds more like he's just saying it, you know what I'm sayin')

I think this will be a contender for the top 3, definitely. Good luck in the contest!

Not bad!

Good idea, and a good presentation. But the voice acting is meeh. Maybe a retake. And that last laugh was meeeh. Other than that, it's a good submission! The writing was good. Good luck in the contest!

Great Job!

Awesome voice acting! The writing was alright, could've been better, but this submission is one of the best I've heard in the contest!

Maybe do a re mixing of it with lower sound effects, and the laugh after he says Hook? is a little awkwardly spaced, nothin' a little editing can't fix! Keep up the great work!

BG was a little too loud

It isn't a HUGE deal, it's just makes your voice hard to hear. Also, speak up! It sounds like he's saying it with the captain watching or something. The laugh was a little weak.

Good voice, though. *thumbs up*

regardless of the faults, it's a solid submission, good luck in the contest!

bigjonny13 responds:

Thanks mate, glad you enjoy it.

Not Bad!

Good atmosphere in the BG, makes it like yer on a boat.

The voice you used sounds like an older pirate. You lose the voice at the end, but it's all good.

Definitely a good submission! Good luck in the contest.

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