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Oh man this turned out awesome! everyone did amazing on the voice acting, and the game plays great!

Everything is very responsive, and the game is easy to play, but provides unique challenges. It's so different from the first, it's really refreshing for a sequel to actually feel different from the original instead of it just adding some upgrades, or something else that doesn't make it feel like a new experience. Huge kudos to the programmers, artists, and writers. You all did a great job.

The campaign editor was a great addition, I can't wait to see what people do with it!

It's amazing how much content you could fit in this game and keep it so small. Awesome job on that, can't wait for the next game!

Haha, I love how this turned out. Happy April Fools Day, NewGrounds!

You can't beat level 5 because you need 3 cuts, but only get 2 :(

josh-tamugaia responds:

Y U No Think harder?

Another great installment


S'a great game. I am thankful that I got to be a part of it! Eff the haters, they don't have any business playing this kinda game anyway.

These "...of the Dead" series games have been revolutionary additions to the way game makers should be approaching Zombie games. Out of all the projects I have been a part of, these games have always been the most unique, creative, and just all-around fun to be in. I am really honored to be a part of these games. Everyone involved did an awesome job, and it shows. The game turned out great, and I am very happy with how it all looks and sounds.

There is always something mesmerizing about how you can fill every gap when it comes to what the game wants to accomplish. The game not only provides a good style of gameplay for simulating working as a scientist in that situation. You also provide the ability to let the player become as attached to their virtual zombie as they would if it was real. The main problem with the game isn't the speed, or anything...

It's the people who are playing it. The game isn't designed to be action packed, it is story driven. If you don't want a game that is focused on the interaction between the player and the characters in the game, go play Halo or something that has no character development and big shiny targets to make your tiny brains happy. This game isn't for you.

However, if you like character development, and like games that encourage interaction, and a good story fueled by the characters telling it to you, then play the game to further the story until it is complete. Not to get all the numbers to their max, there will be time for that later, if you get stuck on maxing out all the numbers, you'll lose sight of what the game really is about: Learning about the zombies, the scientist, Captain Wood, The Alpha Team, and what the heck is going on over there.


Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for the awesome VA dude! Once again, you did a stellar job
Anticipating our next project together which is pretty soon hehe

Haha, Almost forgot to review this.

I am happy with the response the voice acting got. The game is addicting, but isn't so long you waste hours playing it, plus the Easter eggs are awesome.

To answer people like Arawanach's questions:

It's a flash game. Gameplay > Story. If it wanted to have a solid awesome story over the game play, it'd be a flash movie/cartoon. You're welcome.

Great game, I'll admit. But..

The Wack-A-Doug game was REALLY frustrating. Not because Doug moved so fast, you fixed that, it was because the boxes you had to click never seemed to be in the same spot. It made the whole beating a retarded drunk to a pulp thing more of a tedious task than a mini-game. I think you should make the box you need to click larger, preferably the whole size of Doug's head, especially since you have him popping up through so many barrels, it just isn't fair to have the delay of Sweeny's jump, AND a small click target. That's crippling.

Plus you spend so much time kicking Doug's ass that usually in the later levels it only takes him to go into the back once to rob you of all your work day. Though I understand that is for difficulty, and even realism, but it felt more like something that didn't HAVE to be that tedious.

Maybe if there was an Easter Egg or something when if you got to a certain day/amount of money, you go out, buy a sword, and cut the drunk in two. Then have one more day of interruption-free business before you are arrested for murder...

Over-all 8 out of 10 and 5 out of 5

It is a really good game, but it is a little too frustrating to be labeled as fun AND challenging. I look forward to the next installment!

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