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Just like the real Michelle Jordan.

He's Hal the Miss-Interpretative Comic Star!

As always, it turned out great!

Never stop animating!


nevarky responds:

Thanks man! and thanks for the help!

Well, isn't this a bunch of shit.

5 stars.

As always, the animation you make is lovely to watch, and the writing is entertaining. I am very happy to have been a part of this, and I am so happy with the way it ended up! :)

I'm...gonna watch this movie now.

Great animation! Definately worth the wait.

If I could do anything different, I would've delivered the lines faster...sure it would've been harder for you to lipsync, but commercials are always fast paced, and it felt like I was too slow at times...

Also, a lot of the sound effects were way too loud. A great way to prevent the sound effects from over-taking the voices but still have some volume and presence is to export them as stereo files, and all the dialogue as mono files, so the dialogue has the most presence in the center, while the sound effects are lout outside the center, and never overpower said dialogue in the center >.>

Looks great, though, and in spite of the little flaws, it was still entertaining. Good job, guys!

Definately does the song justice!

Another classic

Your animations are always fun to watch. When it comes to the other front paged pieces, yours trumps a lot in its quality, and the randomness only adds to the charm. Gotta love the lack of plot, it isn't really needed when you're dealing with a person made up by parents to get their little brats to behave anyway. I loved this thing, it's awesome! I don't understand why people can't appreciate the animation for what it is, it's very well done and drawn. I wish more animators could animate like this.

Hulalaoo responds:

Yeah, why this fag community do not support Old pedophiles hooker baby murder nazi fart ? :´C

I was a bit torn..

It has great art behind it. Everything was lip synced very well...and the writing wasn't bad, but I just didn't find myself enjoying this as much as I thought I would because of some elements that could've been fixed with more fleshing out, and some redoes from the voice actors.

To start with, I think that people saying the whole thing ran a bit long do have a point, though I understand the whole irony of the situation lasting so long when the obvious culprit was there the whole time is a part of the piece's charm, I also feel the monologues could have been shortened, and the timing could have been tightened up.

A few of the voice actors either have no pop filter or their pop filter is letting air through into the mic. Not only does this risk damaging their microphone's capsule, but it sounds really bad...luckily, I know a great, and cheap, solution to this.

If the guy/girl has a pop filter: Tape a pencil to the middle of the pop filter vertically, this will separate the gusts of wind coming out of your mouth, and prevent them from ever reaching the microphone capsule.

If he/she doesn't have a pop filter: Simply tape the pencil to the middle of the mic's grill that you're speaking into vertically. It has the same effect, but wont shield the mic capsule from spit and other debris that the pop filter provides protection from.

Though this 'toon wasn't bad, I just didn't find myself liking it. I still think everyone did an alright job with it, and small improvements could have been made here or there...but I am giving it a 7 because it has a lot of room for improvement.

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