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Awesome News from School

Posted by DruoxtheShredder - January 5th, 2012

Holy Cow!

Mega excited, I come back to Florida after going back home to visit my family, and my school tells me I am designing sound for a level made in the Unreal Engine! Not only is designing audio for games really fun...I can also give you guys the playable level to fool around with! I wont go into detail on what I am learning yet, since they haven't started teaching us anything along the lines of implementation, but if you guys are interested in learning what I'm learning, I will happily post summaries on what we're learning to do, and I'll post up the level as I implement sounds into it, if we are throwing the sounds into it.

For fans of me and Unreal Tournament alike, this is pretty good news, I think. The level I chose is really awesome too. The student who made it is extremely talented in level design and modeling. It is two ships, and you jump back and forth between them through space. It's fuckin' awesome! Now I'll get to bring the level to life with TONS of sounds, and I am hoping to create all of the sounds needed for it, all the way down to the foot steps. We're even designing sounds for the Shock Gun.

For non UT fans:

The Shock Gun is a weapon in the UT series that works as a single shot rifle IRL, but fires long bolts of electricity. It has a secondary fire (like most other weapons in the game) that fires out a ball of energy, if you then shoot said ball it will explode, usually killing anyone caught in the blast radius.

I have some ideas on how to make the gun sound. I am going to make the actual electricity shots from the main fire button sound like a traditional gun, but when you shoot out the ball I want it to be me goin' "wwWWWOAH!" with a little bit of electric droning, and when you shoot it to make it blow up, I am going to have a 3-5 part harmony "YEAAAH!" with a small explosion underneath it. I think it'll be tremendous if I can pull off the sounds correctly!

As stated before, if you want to play the game as I make the sounds, I'll be uploading the content folder we create with every sound update. If you have Unreal Developer Kit installed on your computer, you can replace the content folder of the installed game with the content folder containing my sounds to see my progress!

I am VERY excited to get started, I already have a music track recorded for this project, and I am going to be working on the gun sound effects today!

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P.s. what about that voice clip?