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Full Sail has some technical difficulties, but it's all good.

Posted by DruoxtheShredder - February 27th, 2012

Though I couldn't get the .exe exported because the lab room is all fucked up..(I swear this school's technical difficulties are too inconvenient) I am remaining in contact with the instructors, and the next opportunity I get to create the .exe, it shall be done. Then you can see the fruits of my game audio labors.

New class this month, Advanced Audio Post. Learning the process to edit sound for movies. It's gonna be a long month, it's a very project/work intensive class. However, I have a strong work ethic, and very few lines left to do, so it isn't so bad. Haha, it just sucks that my college work load is making my voice over workload harder and harder to complete. But, I'll get it all done! I always get it all done!!

With my classic Durawkz flair, I've gotten recruited into another big vidya game release...in Russia and Germany. It's likely you haven't heard of it, and you probably aren't interested at all, but it's pretty exciting regardless, and for a mod it's getting A LOT of attention. Which is great, maybe I can head over to those countries as an established pro one day? Who knows, at this point, it's up in the air. And I love that I have so many directions to choose from.

You guys remember SPRITES!? More episodes of that will be coming out soon, I am going to be handing in 3 episodes' worth of lines over the next few days, which should allow for some timely releases...as long as all the other VA's turn their lines in...

I've been recruited to make video game parody musics for Machinima.com. I have "Suddenly Bear" to thank for that. Thanks for animating it, Aron! There will be an animation of my Banjo Kazooie song, and I made a Mario Party song too! I can't wait to see both brought to life by this other animator who's making the stuff for machinima. It's so humbling to be amongst so many talented individuals that count on you in some way/shape/form.

4 Months til graduation! I can't wait, I'm going to have 3 resumes and Demos. None of which will be the Resume you guys have been looking at. I'll be sending out much more organized, and focused resumes, and demos to future employers. I'll also be updating my site with all the new resumes and demos too! It's gonna be a BUSY 4 months, but when it's all said and done, it will be beyond worth it!

For those of you who enjoy let's plays on the youtube, I've been doing them with various youtube personalities. Including TehSmarty, ChilledChaos, and my good friend TomFawkes. Boarderlands, Serious Sam 3, Magicka, and some fun bouts in multi-player vs. games like The Ship, Mount and Blade, and the Gmod Mod (redundant?) Trouble in Terrorist Town. I don't record the games on my end, so subscribe to them to see all the fun stuff they have to offer. i'm not a let's player, but I love to play games with friends!

Uhhh....what else is there? I do guides for LoL now, if anyone enjoys that crappy game. I don't play it anymore, but I don't write the guides, I just voice for em'. This way I don't HAVE to play that game, and I'll still be up to date and knowledgeable on it when I do the guides. Or...at least sound that way! You can find those guides here.

It's been a fun ride at Full Sail, and I look forward to updating you guys on where I'm going in the industry! I look forward even more to not having to update you, because news publications do it for me. Then I can spend more time mixing songs in the studio, mixing movies, designing sounds, making music, voice acting, or whatever I end up doing to buy food and pay rent for the rest of my life!


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awesome! i just came by to tell you that i haven't had a chance to use boogy down yet because i'm working when on an iphone simulater right now. i'll tell you when i'm done. here's the link if you want it.

<a href="http://www.zeroimaginationproductions.com">www.zeroimaginationproductions.com</a>

there you go!