Sandy didn't kill me!

2012-11-16 10:11:22 by DruoxtheShredder

Woo hoo.

So I have a jerb now at Leftfield Pictures. Working on breaking into the Post-Production side of the entertainment industry. Hopefully that can lead to a nice video game related job. Even so, working for t.v. is awesome, especially compared to the alternative jobs I'd have to choose from.

I work here 4 days a flippin' week, but I have still made time for voice acting! There will be some new material for this site posted, and also a Steam game called "Folk Tale" that will have my voice in them! Please feel free to check out information on Folk Tale through steam, or by just looking up TheGamesFoundry via google. I'm not going to hold your damn hand, I'm a voice actor, not a baby sitter.

I'm working on a new song to put on Rockband alongside "Console War" and I want it to be challenging, catchy, and have fun lyrics. So it'll take a while to finish, but that's exciting too!

Keep an eye on Nevarky's submissions, he has a pretty funny one coming out, I just have to make one more thing for it, which I'll be able to do tonight, or this weekend!


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2012-11-16 15:12:01

Nice! Off topic: I suggested you to the following:

DruoxtheShredder responds:

Holy cow that person makes nice movey-pictures.

Thanks for suggesting me to him. I'll probably follow up after a few days because that's the professional thing to do, and shows that I'm actually interested and blah blah blah.


2012-11-27 19:12:53


DruoxtheShredder responds:



2012-12-28 23:14:19

Congrads man you deserve it for reel